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For nearly half a century, Neroulia has meticulously handcrafted luxury and collectible board games. Using rare, exotic and specially selected woods, each game board is brought to life through time-tested master craftsmanship, delivering one-of-a-kind gaming boards, unparalleled in quality and richness. Coupled with highly personalized customer service, our firm quickly established itself as the leading international provider of handcrafted backgammon boards. We are represented by leading international retailers, and our boards are acclaimed by gaming clubs in virtually every part of the world. But our most important reward comes from you, our customers, who grace us with endless compliments and praise on the quality and richness of the handcrafted boards that soon become family heirlooms. Our commitment to doing things the "old fashioned" way in a modern world, remains fast and strong, ensuring that every Neroulia board delivers you the very best backgammon has to offer.

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